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Astounding Love reveals God’s great immeasurable love and goodness, and His passionate, burning desire for a close, loving, Father-relationship with each one of us!

The book is a Scripturally balanced, but also a fervent, heart-warming understanding of God’s wonderful, loving Heart, and especially of His Heart toward us, as our perfect, loving Heavenly Father.

God’s inner nature and character is an integrated combination of His “Love” (mercy, grace, patience, and forgiveness) and His “Light” (truth, faithfulness, righteousness, and justice).

The ultimate expression and highest manifestation of God’s Love and His Light are revealed to us in the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Through Jesus’ sacrificial death to pay the penalty for all our sins, our wonderful, loving Heavenly Father can totally forgive us, completely accept and embrace us, wonderfully transform us, and pour out His astounding Father-love upon all of us who sincerely turn back to Him, and receive, by simple child-like faith, His Son, Jesus, and His eternal life.


Astounding Love


272 pages


Word Alive Press (Feb 25, 2011)







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8.5 x 5.5 x 0.6 inches


This book, so beautifully and honestly written from a man whom I know has truly experienced God, is definitely one of my top choices in "heart" books to read!! Very in depth, authentic and rich content is found in this book, not only from the heart who wrote this book but also every part of it is backed up with scripture from the Word of God. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking to know the heart of God more!

Jeremi Chase

Indigo Customer Review

This is no ordinary book. It is a living story of love and trust between God Himself and a redeemed sinner named John. If you are serious about wanting transformation in your own life, this book is for you.

Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie

Founder and Executive Director of The Sentinel Group Producer of the Transformation Videos

Astounding Love, takes readers from mere head knowledge to transformative heart revelation. People who read this book will not just know God’s love—they will experience God’s love in a way that will revolutionize their relationship with God and with people. It’s not just a book—it is a profound and liberating experience with God that will transform you.

Judy Rushfeldt

Award–winning author, speaker, and online magazine publisher

John leads the reader into knowing and experiencing the Father–heart of God. Astounding Love illuminates the truth about the Father in a way which draws the human heart into humility, and into a desire for deeper intimacy with Him. It did for me!

Allen G. Fode

Director of Ellel Ministries of Western Canada

New life will be breathed into your relationship with your heavenly Dad. Astounding Love will deepen your intimacy with God. This book speaks across generational lines to the core need of a largely fatherless generation.

Michael Jones

Lead Pastor of The Living Room Church, Montreal, Québec

Astounding Love is an intimate and tender account of God’s great love for us all. John offers one of the most thorough and systematic rationales for intimacy with God.

George Otis Jr.

Founder and Executive Director of Partnership Ministries

John has touched on one side of God’s great heart that is often forgotten, overlooked, misconstrued, or sadly neglected. John deeply desires to draw the reader into an intimate encounter with the True and Living God, and to personally experience His wonderful Father–heart of love.

Rev. Don Harbridge

Formerly: Western Canada Representative for Word Publishing, Inc.

I am pleased and delighted to unreservedly endorse this most powerful and articulate teaching of God’s true love. There is a great need for the twenty–first century followers of Jesus Christ to clearly understand and experience the true essence and nature of God’s immense love for all people. This book will surely help to fill that need.

Rev. John L. Teibe

Formerly: Director of Southeast Asia Youth For Christ Formerly: Director of Youth For Christ Canada

Understanding the Father–heart of God is one of the most important teachings this generation needs to embrace. Let these spiritual truths go deep into the core of your being. As you read this book, you will discover that God’s love for you is, indeed, astounding!

Dwight Van Middlesworth, Jr.

University Student