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Do you want the Holy Spirit to come into your spirit and make you a new creation in Christ Jesus? Do you long for the Holy Spirit to come upon you, fill you to overflowing, and empower you to be a witness of Jesus and His great salvation?

Astounding Promise: God Restores to Us the Fullness of His Spirit reveals the great Holy Spirit of God, promised by God as part of the New Covenant. Author John G. Hutchinson describes his own experiences with the Holy Spirit and shows how God’s astounding promise is very real, experiential, and practical for all His born-again children.


Astounding Promise: God Restores to Us the Fullness of His Spirit


128 pages


Word Alive Press (Jan. 2 2015)







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8.5 x 5.5 x 0.3 inches


I have just finished reading this remarkable book in one sitting. I say “remarkable,” since that is exactly what it is. As I reflect on my years of training at theological college—then many years of pastoring in various residential church situations—I only wish I had had this book then! The pages immerse us in the promises, ways, and character of the Lord Himself!

John Hutchinson has masterfully encapsulated the Heartbeat of God in this book. He has drawn together the key components of the Old and New Testaments and immersed them in easy to understand doctrine and theology. He has provided the end-time church with an amazing blueprint of God’s eternal plan for humanity right from Eden to the return of Christ. John has given us a lens through which to view and understand the relevance of Scripture in this day and age—and most of all he provides us with a hunger for the Holy Spirit and a desire to be tenacious for the things of God in these days in which the former and latter rains are converging.

What a time to be alive! God, through John, has given us a masterpiece, but then he is one of the true spiritual grandfathers of the twenty-first-century church. This book should be read by every Christian, young and old, enquiring or mature. It informs, it challenges, and it answers questions. It will change your life forever!

Rev. Dr. Alistair P. Petrie

Partnership Ministries

John’s third and final release in his Astounding series is a joy and privilege to read, not only because of its practical and powerful truths, but because of the way John shares his personal experiences. The promise and presence of the Holy Spirit is a reality in his life. It’s as though he is having a personal conversation with the reader. I heartily recommend this book, both to those young in the faith and as a refreshing encouragement to the whole body of Christ worldwide.

Rev. Don L. Harbridge

Award-winning author, speaker and online magazine publisher

Astounding Promise testifies to the true, Biblical Person who is the Holy Spirit. This trilogy of books is relevant to all people, especially a young generation who will experience the Holy Spirit in a new way, never seen before. Get ready. Get equipped. Receive God’s astounding promise!

Greg Frost

Every Nation Campus Minister, Calgary

The Holy Spirit is often the least understood person of the Trinity. As a result, many sincere Christians are living joyless, ineffective lives, and lack a sense of His presence and power in their everyday lives and ministries.

In Astounding Promise, John Hutchinson shows how you can access the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the way you think, live, and minister. A respected scholar of God’s Word, John starts with Genesis and takes readers on a journey through the Scriptures to a clear understanding of the Holy Spirit’s nature and role. Astounding Promise clearly explains the difference between the indwelling of the Spirit when we are born again, and the empowerment we receive when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit.

John candidly shares his before and after experiences as a missionary in India. Before being baptized in the Holy Spirit, he experienced frequent frustration in his ministry, despite zealous efforts. The baptism of the Holy Spirit profoundly transformed his relationship with God, his relationship with others, and his effectiveness in ministry.

I love this book! If you yearn to experience God’s presence in a deeper way, or if you long for a greater release of the Holy Spirit’s power in your everyday life and ministry, this book is for you.

Judy Rushfeldt

Award-winning author, speaker, and online magazine publisher

The prayer of the Lord that God gave to me for this must-read book, Astounding Promise: Now therefore let it please You to bless this book of Your servant, John Hutchinson, that it may continue before You forever; for You, O Lord God, have inspired it, and with Your blessing let this book of Your servant guide multitudes to receive the astounding promise for themselves. (2 Samuel 7:29)

Pastor John L. Teibe

Discussing the Holy Spirit within the context of the New Covenant is a difficult topic to tackle, and one that often becomes entrenched in theoretical theology. Through Astounding Promise, John Hutchinson brings a lovely human element to his argument by openly discussing the challenges and questions he faced while maturing in his faith and being transformed by God’s Spirit. In a way that feels effortless, he places abstract spiritual concepts into a practical context that demonstrates how the Father provides guidance and opportunities for growth on a daily basis. This book offered a great amount of encouragement to me, and I would recommend it to anyone who desires to know more about the heart of God.

Melissa Goertzen

Librarian, Columbia University