As a pastor and teacher, John Hutchinson has developed Bible studies and other writings to teach us as believers and encourage us in our faith.  These studies and writings are described below.  They may be downloaded free of charge for personal or group study by those who are seeking to follow Christ.

God’s Solid Foundations—For Us

It is essential to have a solid foundation for our faith. God’s Solid Foundations—For Us deals with the subjects that God Himself lists as the “elementary principles of Christ”. These eight lessons will be of benefit to those who are new in their faith, and also to those wanting to disciple new believers.

Growing Spiritually—God’s Way

Growing Spiritually—God’s Way is the essential follow-up to God’s Solid Foundations—For Us. It will greatly enlarge your experience of, and your love for, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and God’s wonderful Holy Spirit. These sixteen lessons will help you grow and mature in love, worship, prayer, faith, obedience, ministry, and victory.

Discipleship, Leadership, and Submission—God’s Way

It is important for every Christian to understand how to be discipled, how to disciple others, and how to both lead and submit to leadership in the body of Christ. In Discipleship, Leadership, and Submission—God’s Way, these three subjects are presented in the mode of Christianity full-strength—not watered down or sugar-coated—based on the Word of God.

Warfare Praying in the Psalms

Approximately 45% of the verses in the Psalms refer directly or indirectly to warfare praying against our enemies. We must be very careful to properly use and properly apply these Scriptures in our New Testament praying. Warfare Praying in the Psalms will show you how to do that.

Living and Loving—God’s Way

Living and Loving—God’s Way reminds us that God’s way is opposite to our natural, human way. In all things, He must enable us and guide us. We must learn how to live and love by the power of the Holy Spirit, not by our own. This study will tell you how to do that.

Love and Marriage—God’s Way

Love and Marriage—God’s Way teaches God’s plan for the relationships between husbands and wives, and parents and children. God’s way regarding these relationships is often different than our own beliefs and practices. Learning His plan will help you to experience the fullness and beauty of marriage and family—God’s way.

The Authentic, Original Gospel

The purpose of The Authentic, Original Gospel is to give a clear Scriptural understanding of the authentic, original gospel that Jesus, Himself, said was necessary to preach to all the world. Satan knows that the preaching of the cross is the power of God to salvation, and so does his dirty best to dilute, weaken, and distort it. It is vital that we know what God says about His wonderful gospel through Jesus and His apostles, in the book of Acts and the rest of the New Testament Scriptures.

Jesus Must Have the Preeminence

God has ordained that Jesus be given the absolute preeminence in all things. This theme is repeatedly emphasized in Scripture. But satan is always doing his utmost to dilute and diminish the absolute supremacy of Christ. We must exalt Jesus far above our own desires, reputations, pride, ministries, and accomplishments. Jesus Must Have the Preeminence is a compilation of Scripture verses to encourage us in this.

The New Real Me

The New Real Me is an in-depth study of the amazing Scriptural account of God wrestling with a man in order to radically change him. The man is Jacob, whose name means schemer, cheater, deceiver, con-artist—and he lived up to his name! God changed Jacob to be an “Israel”, which means one who prevails and rules as a prince with God. The spiritual lessons in this are very important for our spiritual growth.

God’s Astounding Love-Gift Sacrifice

God’s Astounding Love-Gift Sacrifice is a poem of joy-filled, love-filled, ecstatic praise and worship, and an expression of deep gratitude for the price that God the Father and Jesus the Son paid on that cross and in that tomb, to atone for all our sins and freely give us total forgiveness and glorious eternal life.